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Personal Injury & Workers




Accident.jpg (9965 bytes)  People who have been injured are often in dire financial straits as a result of injuries and disabilities due to the accident. Income is diminished or lost altogether while medical and household bills continue to mount. A critical mistake in too many injury cases is that a cheerful insurance adjuster convinces you to settle for a relatively modest sum and a promise to pay medical bills before the full extent of the injury is clear.

Regardless of how friendly an adjuster may sound, he is not your friend and is not working for you. His job is to pay as little as possible because insurance companies make their money collecting premiums, not paying reasonable compensation for injuries.

You should never sign anything or give a statement unless you have first consulted with an experienced Personal Injury Attorney.

At Bitney Law Firm, Ltd. there is no charge for an initial consultation for personal injury claims and we charge no fee unless we obtain a settlement for you.


Workers Compensation

The Workers Compensation Law applies to anyone injured at work. In Wisconsin, medical bills are generally paid in their entirety. Benefits are divided into 2 time periods: the temporary disability period and the permanent disability period. If you are unable to return to work you are entitled to temporary disability benefits which are generally 2/3 of your wages at the time of the accident without any deduction for withholding or taxes. When you have reached your healing plateau, temporary disability benefits are terminated and you are entitled to permanent partial disability benefits.  Workers.jpg (6454 bytes)

This is where the battle often begins. The insurance company's doctor often claims that you have reached your healing plateau and that temporary disability benefits should be terminated. He often will give an opinion as to your permanent partial disability. However, often times your treating doctor states that you have not reached your healing plateau and that your permanent injuries are severe. If so, your temporary disability benefits should be continued and the amount of the permanent disability should be determined appropriate to the disability and injuries.

At Bitney Law Firm, Ltd.  we are experienced in obtaining fair awards for our clients. There is no charge for initial consultation for workers compensation cases and we charge no fee unless we are successful in obtaining an award for you.