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Business & Real Estate


Business And Corporate Law

Buis.jpg (10370 bytes) A business has a variety of legal entities under which it may conduct business in the State of Wisconsin including regular C Corporations, limited liability corporations ("LLC"), partnerships, limited liability partnerships ("LLP"), subchapter S corporations and sole proprietorship. The type and nature of your business will determine which type of entity will be most advantageous for you. At Bitney Law Firm, Ltd. we are experienced in helping businesses set up the type of entity that offers the best tax and business advantages that protect your assets and limit your exposure to liability.

In addition to selecting the type of entity that best suits your business, we are experienced in drafting leases, contracts and employment agreements and other business agreements.


Real Estate

Buying and selling a home is usually one of the most significant financial transactions undertaken. Many people make the mistake of not consulting with an attorney or only consulting with an attorney after signing an offer.

An offer to purchase, when signed by the seller and buyer, is a binding contract which cannot be unilaterally modified. It is important to consult with an attorney who is experienced in real estate law before you sign an offer.

An experienced real estate attorney can also protect you from undisclosed easements, liens and other title defects. Wisconsin law requires that certain information, forms and documents be utilized.

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At Bitney Law Firm, Ltd. we can protect your rights and assist you in buying or selling real estate.